More Lens Reviews

Looking for a review of a specific lens? Perhaps one that falls outside the usual list of major manufacturers? Here you’ll find reviews of third-party camera lenses that can help you narrow down which ones to buy.

Buying third-party or non-native lenses can save you money, but it can also be confusing if you’re unsure which brands to buy and whether or not the lens will be compatible with your specific camera.

The good thing about third-party lenses is that they can usually fit a range of camera bodies (though sometimes you’ll need to purchase an adapter).

Another benefit is that they can fill some of the gaps in the market not filled by first-party brands.

One of the downsides of third-party lenses is that the quality may not be up to scratch. That’s where these lens reviews come in!

We test out each lens in real-world conditions, and then give a detailed and honest breakdown of what we learned.

What is the build quality like? How does it perform in low light? Is it good value for money?

Those questions and more are all answered right here on Shtokit.