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Mixtiles Review: Stickable Photo Tile Galleries

Mixtiles let you turn your photos into hassle-free wall galleries. Read this review to find out about quality, ease of use, value for money, and more.

Photo galleries are a beautiful and trendy way to decorate your walls at home or at the office.

Now you can get one without any hassle, thanks to Mixtiles.

Mixtiles are lightweight stickable photo tiles. Simply remove the protective paper from the adhesive and stick the Mixtile to your wall.

You can make any composition you want and rearrange it as many times as you need. 

You can forget about drilling holes or leaving marks on the wall. Mixtiles are the perfect solution when you rent or when you don’t have any hardware for hanging frames. Or even if you do, this is a quick, clean, and hassle-free way to decorate. 

In this article, I’ll share with you my experience in ordering and using Mixtiles. I’ll also look at some of the most popular alternatives and tell you how they are different from Mixtiles. 

Lastly, I’ll also answer a few FAQs. Of course, for further information, you should visit the Mixtiles website directly or contact their customer service. 

Mixtiles didn’t pay me to write this review. All the opinions are sincere and based on my experience with their product, paid for myself.

I hope the information you find here is helpful to you.

What is Mixtiles?

  • Easy to upload, customize, and order
  • Free shipping
  • Easy to mount
  • They look great
  • A bit pricey when not on sale
  • Not all print sizes are available on the app or worldwide
  • No glossy paper is available
  • Not much information about the centerpieces

Size and weight:

  • 8″x 8″ (21 cm x 21 cm) – 3.9 oz (110.6 gr) framed / 3.1 oz (90 gr) frameless
  • 8″ x 11″ (21 cm x 27.94 cm) – 6.31 oz (179 gr) framed / 5.1 oz (145 gr) frameless
  • 12″ x 12″ (31.6 cm x 31.6 cm) – 8.82 oz (221 gr) framed / 8.2 oz (233 gr) frameless
  • 12″ x 16″ (31.6 cm x 41.75 cm) – 10.72 oz (304 gr) framed / 11 oz (311 gr) frameless
  • 20″ x 20″ (49.53 cm x 49.53 cm) – 16.72 oz (474 gr) framed / 20 oz (570 gr) frameless
  • 20″ x 27″ (49.53 cm x 68.59 cm) – 21.38 oz (606 gr) framed / 30 oz (850 gr) frameless
  • 27″ x 36″ (68.58 cm x 91.44 cm) – 34.46 oz (977 gr) framed / 28.68 oz (813 gr) frameless

Note that not all sizes are available on the app. Also, the biggest size is only available in the US. 


  • Black
  • White
  • None


All prints are done on matte photo paper. 


Mixtiles also sells centerpieces if you want to add a tile with text to your collage. It’s not clear what the size or material is of this product. 

Specs of the product reviewed in this article:

  • Eight matte photo paper prints
  • 8″ x 8″ (21cm x 21 cm)
  • Black frame

Size & Handling

Mixtiles box

Before I talk about the packaging, I’d like to make a special note about the fast delivery. When I placed the order, the estimated delivery time was eleven days. Instead, I received my Mixtiles by the third day!

They arrived in a nice branded box. Inside, four Mixtiles were arranged on a cardboard tray side by side and tightly fitted so they wouldn’t move and get scratched around the edges.

In one of the corners, you could see the mounting instructions – not that many instructions are needed, though. Once I pulled out the tray, the remaining four items were arranged in the same way underneath. 

Everything was protected without using any plastic, foam, or any other material that’s bad for the environment – I really appreciated this.

The box was slim and light, but this will depend on the size and number of Mixtiles that you order.  

Once I took them out of the box, they were very light and easy to handle. Also, because of the small size, I was able to hold them with one hand and use the other to make marks, place the bubble level, etc. 

Mixtiles Quality

Mixtiles packaging

There are two things to consider when you evaluate the quality of the Mixtiles. One is the build quality of the product. The other is the print quality of the picture. 

Build quality

The product is well-built, in my opinion. The tiles are extremely lightweight, but this doesn’t mean that the frames feel flimsy. They feel structured and durable.

Once they’re placed on the wall, they might not feel super stable. However, this is because the adhesive foam tape is only on the top side.

Even if the foam is not particularly thick, it does add volume. This means the tiles aren’t flat against the wall. This wobbling doesn’t move them out of place or anything, but a second sticky foam on the bottom would make them more stable.  

The quality of the adhesive looks good. You don’t need to push hard or hold them for a while until they adhere – they get fixed into position immediately.

Since I just got them a few days ago, I don’t know if the adhesive will loosen as time passes – but so far, so good. 

Print quality

I uploaded photos that were already the right size at a resolution of 300 ppi. The resulting prints are good quality.

It’s not fine-art quality – it’s the standard that you would get from any printing service. So, you might not use Mixtiles for a museum exhibition, but they look great on the walls of a home or office. 

Mixtiles allows you to import photos directly from Facebook or Instagram. Since these platforms have already resized and compressed your images, you might not receive the best quality photograph. However, this has to do with the quality of the file and not the quality of the print.

So, be careful with this. If you have the original file, I suggest that you upload it directly instead of importing it from your social media. This will ensure a better quality photo.

The minimum recommended size they ask for is 800 by 800 pixels. Otherwise, the app will warn you about your photos being too small.

Ease of use

I’ll divide this section in two, so I can review both the website and the product, as they’re both part of the user experience. 


Mixtiles landing page

The home page is very friendly and clean. There’s a big pink button with the text “Let’s Go” inviting you to move forward. Once you do, you get offered two choices – buying for yourself or someone else. 

On the “someone else” section, you can select whether you want to buy Mixtiles or gift cards. However, after choosing, you’re asked to provide your name and email address. Then, there are a series of questions – like, “How did you find out about Mixtiles?”.

This all happens before you see the products or decide if you even want to buy them. I found this quite off-putting. 

You can skip the questions, but the name and email are required. Also, despite the fact that I didn’t tick the box agreeing to receive promotions and marketing emails, I’m receiving one per day.

For these reasons, it wasn’t a great start – but from there, the rest is quite smooth and intuitive.

Let me give you a quick tip that I found later. Instead of clicking on the inviting “Let’s Go” button, open the hamburger menu on the top left and go directly to the section you want.

Customizing Mixtiles

This ordering section has a nice and minimal design. This is a very refreshing experience compared to other e-shops that try to make you buy more and more things. 

You can choose the Frame, Size, and Mat (i.e., the border size) and see live previews as you change your choices. There are six possible filters you can apply to your photos.

It may feel weird that you don’t see a price next to your order, as we’re used to seeing the tally adding up as you shop. Instead, to keep the design minimal, you can only see the price when you choose the size. Here you can see the price per item and any promos or bundles. 

To see the tally, you can press the Checkout button. This won’t finish your order – you can go back to continue with your setup.

If you want to remove an item, simply click on it to select it and click the trash can icon.

Once you’re ready, click on Checkout again. Here, you can add your name, address, phone number, and payment method. You’ll also see the estimated delivery date. 

Finally, click “Confirm and Pay” and you’re all done. You’ll get a confirmation email with the order number and a tracking link.


This section is going to be very short because the Mixtiles are very easy to use.

Start by peeling off the protective paper from the adhesive.

Peeling off adhesive

Then, put the Mixtile on the wall and, using a bubble level, make sure it’s straight.

Now, press on the top part or wherever there’s an adhesive foam. 

Spirit level wall hanging

That’s it. Just repeat these three steps with each one of your Mixtiles to create a wall gallery. 

Alternatives to Mixtiles

Stickable photo tiles are a great way to decorate your home or office without any hassle or hardware. Unshockingly, they’ve become very popular. 

Here are a couple of alternatives to Mixtiles and what their main differences are. 


Happytiles website

Happytiles is another brand of stickable photo tiles. The website design and experience are very similar to You can customize the frame and mat in the same way as you can on Mixtiles.

There aren’t any filter options, though this doesn’t make too much of a difference. What differs more are the product sizes and materials. While Mixtiles allows you to choose from a variety of sizes, Happytiles only offers one – 8.5″ x 8.5″. 

On the other hand, Happytiles does offer other materials. You can print on glass and on canvas – the size for these is 8″ x 8″.

The thickness and weight, of course, change according to the material. 

MIXPIX by CanvasDiscount

CanvasDiscount website

Another alternative to Mixtiles is MIXPIX. These are the stickable photo tiles designed by CanvasDiscount.

The individual tiles are less expensive than the Mixtiles. Although, when you buy a Mixtiles promo pack, this may not be the case. 

On the downside, the free shipping on CanvasDiscount is only available if you buy ten or more MIXPIX tiles. Instead, on Mixtiles it’s always free. 

Again, Mixtiles has the advantage regarding size availability because MIXPIX only comes in 8″ x 8″ tiles. However, they have the advantage of a magnetic hanger. 

So, instead of sticking the tile directly to the wall, you stick a magnet. This way, you can change the photos anytime you want without the risk of wearing out the adhesive.

Value for Money

Mixtiles on wall

Mixtiles might seem a bit pricey when you look at them as individual products. However, they’re not meant to be bought singularly.

The idea is that you can create beautiful wall galleries. So, once you start to bundle them, the price starts to drop. 

For example, big sizes were designed with the idea of creating triptychs. As such, a bundle of three has a discounted price compared to the price of three single tiles.

The small tiles are meant to create galleries, so you can get bundles of 6, 8, or 12 – the more you buy, the bigger the discount. 

On top of that, Mixtiles often runs promos because of Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Christmas, etc. There’s always something to celebrate, and as a result, there’s often a discount code you can use. 

Depending on the bundle/promo you get, the price is quite fair, and it gives good value for money. The quality is good enough, and the tiles look great.

You’ll also save a lot of time and hassle compared to hanging regular frames. 

There are less expensive options on the market, but there are often trade-offs. For example, you may have to pay shipping costs, or you have fewer sizes to choose from. 

In any case, I haven’t tried other brands, so I can’t comment on the quality or user experience of the less expensive options. What I can tell you is that with Mixtiles, I feel that I got good value for money. 


Do Mixtiles really stick?

Yes, in my experience, they do. I used them on regular, painted concrete walls. On their website, they confirm that they stick to most walls, and they offer a refund if you have any problems. 

Do Mixtiles have glass?

No, there’s no glass in the frame.

Can you change the photo inside a Mixtiles frame?

No, the design is not meant to be opened for you to replace the photo. 

Is there worldwide shipping?

Yes, Mixtiles has shipping options to most countries. Not only that, it’s free for all.

Do they have a guarantee?

Mixtiles offers a satisfaction guarantee that covers a full refund or a replacement. You need to email them to explain your situation, and they’ll work with you to find a solution. Since I was satisfied, I don’t have any experience to give you further insight in this regard. 

How do I redeem a Mixtiles gift card?

On the Mixtiles home page, open the hamburger menu. Here, choose the option Change Promo Code. 

Mixtiles Review | Conclusion

As you can see, there are a few things I think could be improved. All in all, though, I honestly believe that Mixtiles is a good product, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more in the future or give them as a gift for a photographer friend or otherwise. 

I just want to say again that Mixtiles didn’t pay me to do this review. All the opinions are sincere and based on my experience. I hope the information you find here is helpful to you.

Shotkit Writer & Camera Gear Reviewer

Ana Mireles is a Mexican researcher that specializes in photography and communications for the arts and culture sector.

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