Skylum Luminar

Looking for helpful Luminar reviews and guides? That’s exactly what you’ll find right here. Skylum’s Luminar has risen up the ranks of photography software to become a first choice for many and a formidable foe to the likes of Lightroom.

a yellow taxi cab driving down a street next to tall buildings.
Create Picture Lighting Effects in Luminar with Magic Light AI
a close up of a yellow flower with a black background.
How to use Luminar Noiseless AI to Preserve Photo Details
a large brown bear walking across a grass covered field.
Testing Luminar Background Removal AI Extension
a woman in an orange shirt is dancing.
How to use Luminar Supersharp AI to Fix Misfocus and Blur
two pictures of a boat in a body of water being enlarged with upscale ai luminar neo
How to Use Luminar Upscale AI to Enlarge Any Photo
a close up of a butterfly on a flower in focus stacking image sequence.
How to Use the Luminar Focus Stacking Extension
bride and groom cuddling in Neo software
Luminar Neo Review: June 2023 Update (+ Extensions)
a laptop with a bunch of pictures on the screen.
What’s The Best Way to Buy Luminar in 2023?
Best Luminar Neo Tutorials to Help You Improve Your Editing
How to Fix Blurry Photos in Luminar Neo
A list of extensions available in Luminar Neo
What are Luminar Extensions (+ Do You Need them?)
How to Speed up Luminar Neo on Windows & Mac
How to use Luminar Neo with Photoshop (Via the Plugin)
How to Clone in Luminar Neo to Remove Objects FAST
How to Install or Uninstall Luminar Neo
How to Use Luminar Neo in 2023: Beginner’s Guide
How to Use Luminar Neo HDR Merge
Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI: 6 Key Differences to Know in 2023
How to Remove a Background in Luminar Neo
mask luminar neo
How do you mask in Luminar Neo?
Luminar 4 vs Lightroom: Is it the best alternative?
Luminar vs Lightroom for Photo Editing (7 Key Differences)
Can you batch edit in Luminar Neo?
luminar neo catalog
How to Work with the Catalog in Luminar Neo
Luminar Neo vs Luminar 4 (Seven Key Differences)
How do you dodge and burn in Luminar Neo?
Does Luminar Neo have Templates?
Does Luminar Neo work with Lightroom?
Is Luminar Neo better than Photoshop?
Luminar Discount Codes for ALL Versions (Save up to $15!)
Luminar AI Review – Can Artificial Intelligence help you Edit your Photos?
How to Create a Watermark in Luminar
Luminar 4 Sky Replacement – How to Use AI to Change skies
Luminar 4 Tutorial for Beginners
Best Luminar Presets & Looks (Free & Paid)
Luminar Review for Shotkit
Luminar 4 Review
Luminar 4 for Wedding Photographers
Luminar vs Affinity comparison
Luminar vs Affinity
Luminar Flex Review for Shotkit
Luminar Flex Review
Luminar Tips to Boost your Photography

The question is whether it’s the right software for you.

That’s one of the things we’ll answer with our Luminar reviews. We go deep (like, really deep) on each new version of the software, running it through its paces and testing out every little feature.

And then we give you an honest, real-world rundown of all the strengths and weaknesses so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment.

We also take you through comparisons between Luminar and other software so you can see specifically how they stack up side by side.

If you’re looking for guides on how to use Luminar, or tips and tricks to get more out of it, we also have you covered.

Whether you’re a newbie or a Luminar pro, there’s plenty of useful stuff for you right here.

So read on, and be illuminated about Lumiar!